Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement

This Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement sets the conditions of the agreement between you (“the Customer”) and Portugal Internet (“We” or “the Company”) concerning the services provided by Portugal Internet. Please read carefully as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

Mobile Hotspot Rental

Portugal Internet rents mobile wifi hotspots which can be used simultaneously by ten people (or ten devices).

By using this service, you agree and acknowledge you are renting equipment for travel purposes only, and that you will acquire no rights in the equipment. You agree that we will retain all ownership of the Equipment, including but not limited to user guides and accessories. The Device will at all times remain property of Portugal Internet. Customers have no rights other than temporary use.

We require you to exercise reasonable care in the use of our equipment, and handle all the equipment in accordance with the instruction we provide. Furthermore, you agree that you will not make any modifications, repairs or damage to all the equipment and that you are fully responsible and compensate if any of those is done.

SIM Card Rental

By using our service, you agree and acknowledge that you will acquire no rights in the SIM card and that the Company retain all ownership of the SIM card.

Portugal Internet rents data SIM cards that can be used in devices that support internet connection through SIM cards (such as phones, tablets, routers, computers and others).

Those devices can be locked to mobile operators and for that reason unable to work with the SIM card we provide. It’s the customer responsibility to identify of the device is not locked to a specific mobile network. Portugal Internet will not refund rentals if the customer is unable to use the service due to that reason.

We require you to exercise reasonable care in the use of our SIM cards, and handle them in accordance with the instruction we provide.

The SIM cards allow tethering by default. However, there are certain operators that block the Apple products that they sell in order to limit tethering. In these situations, Portugal Internet cannot be held responsible for limitations in the tethering capabilities of some of the Apple products.

eSIM Rental

Portugal Internet rents eSIMs that can be used in devices that are unlocked and that support eSIM technology.

It is the Customer responsibility to identify that the device is not locked to a specific mobile network. The Customer is also responsible for ensuring that the customer device is eSIM compatible.

Portugal Internet will not refund rentals if the Customer is unable to use the service due to any of those reasons.

Internet Traffic

Unlimited internet data traffic is included in the rental cost when the customer uses the service in Portugal. If the customer uses the service in the other European Economic Area countries, he will have a limit of 35GB, as the total consumption in one calendar month cannot exceed 35GB of internet data traffic. Within the rental period, there will not be extra costs for internet data traffic. The internet connection is available in Portugal and in the European Economic Area countries.

Since this service is provided over a mobile connection, we cannot guarantee the service area, speed or data traffic conditions at anywhere and anytime. The speed shown in product information is best effort.

Portugal Internet shall not be liable, where access to the Network is interrupted or limited due to a suspension (provided that this is temporary only); or downtimes of public telecommunication or power facilities; or special local conditions (e.g. use in trains or underground).

We cannot make any refunds for reasons such as coverage for service area, speed, or date traffic conditions except for network disturbance of communication carrier.

Rental Period

The rental period commences at 0:01 GMT on your pickup date, and expires at 23:59 GMT of your pickup day + number of days rented.


The free shipping costs include the delivery to the designated address, and a included envelop for the return of the SIM card or Router.

When you place an order through our website, you are asked to provide a Portuguese address at which you desire to receive the product as well as pickup date. We are not liable for any cases that you fail to receive it although the product has been delivered in time at the right address.

The Equipment, along with an accompanying user guide, will then be delivered to your designated address before your arrive at your destination. When you receive it, it is your responsibility to check all the equipment and verify that it is in good working condition. We will assume all risk of loss and damage from the delivery of the Equipment to your designated address, and will be responsible for all ship.


The Devices or SIM cards should be returned, using the enclosed prepaid envelope.

The Customer is required to proceed to return the equipment no later than midnight on the last day of the rental period and the package should be postmarked on that day or the day after.

In case that the Customer has lost the package that we provide for return, it is the Customer’s responsibility to purchase a new one and pay for those return costs. If the Customer leaves the country in which he is using the service without posting the items back, it is the Customer’s responsibility to pay for the return shipping charges and the customs fees, where applicable.

The items should be returned in working order and good physical condition. Otherwise, it will result in compensation.

Late Return Fees

Failure to return the Equipment (including all accessories) promptly to us will result in the incurrence of late charges. In the event that we fail to receive the Equipment, you will incur on a daily penalty fee until the date the Equipment is received. The daily penalty fee will be based on the late fee of 5€/day. If for any reason you are unable to return the Equipment to us, including but not limited to the Equipment being lost or stolen during the Rental Period, then you should contact us immediately, so that you do not incur additional late charges.

Loss and Damage

The customer is responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment during the rental period. All customers are required to report any loss or damage caused during the rental period to the Company immediately and follow instructions given afterwards.

Any of those cases will result in the incurrence of the following additional charges:
Portable Wi-Fi router: 90€
SIM card: 10€
AC adapter: 10€
USB cable: 5€

Cancellation and Refund

Portugal Internet refunds policy is very simple. There is no risk for you if you aren’t satisfied. If anything goes wrong with our service we refund the full amount.

We accept cancellation of the order at any time, and can do a full refund. However, the refund depends on how early the customer cancels the order. If the order is canceled before shipment, we will do a full refund. Shipment is done 3 to 5 workdays before the pickup date. This means, that we apply the following  rules: – No later than 1 week before the pickup date: Full refund – Within 5 to 3 days before the pickup date:  Full or no refund, depending if the shipment has already occurred. – Less than 3 workdays days until the pickup date: No refund. Should you need to cancel your order, please send us an email with your order information. We consider the time when we received cancelation request via email as the accepting time. Local time applies here. Refund will be issued within 3 working days from the day we receive the cancelation request via email.

Note that Portugal Internet does not have a compensation policy. The maximum refund amount that a Customer can receive will be equal to the total amount the Customer has paid.


We will not share your data with other companies or persons. All data provided by our customers, will only be used by Portugal Internet on the purpose of the renting service or to inform the customer about products related to Portugal Internet activities.

Governing Law

This Terms of Use is governed by Portuguese law and all disputes shall be filed and proceeded according to Portuguese legal system.