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An eSIM card is a digital or virtual version of the physical SIM card. It works just like a physical SIM card as it offers the same features minus the hardware.

The eSIM works thanks to a microchip that is embedded in equipments, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches, enabling to identify the device virtually to provide network connection.


The eSIM is the best solution, if you:

– Want to connect just one mobile device to the Internet.

– Have a device that supports eSIM technology.

Advantages of renting an eSIM:

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You can start to use the service immediately after you have ordered. You do not have to wait until the SIM card gets delivered or to go to a pickup point to collect it, you can use the service right away. No need to order in advance!

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With the eSIM, you will not have to insert a physical card into your smartphone every time you travel. No more switching and inserting a new SIM card in your device!

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ESIMs are more environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need to produce the amount of plastic from which physical cards are made as well as the environmental impact caused by transport. Smaller ecological footprint!

What you need to check if you rent an eSIM




eSIM Compatible devices


To use an eSIM, your device must be eSIM compatible.
Click here to see the models of the

devices that are compatible.

Installation and activation


For the eSIM to work, it must be installed and activated.
Click here to see how you can install

and activate the eSIM.

Detailed prices

We allow rentals from 3 to 360 days.
You get discounts when renting for long periods.

up to day 5

5€ /day

days 6 to 9

3€ /day

days 10 to 20

2€ /day

days 21 to 30

1,5€ /day

days 31 and above

1€ /day

You can add 35GB/month of data usage in other European countries for the additional cost of 1€ per day.
Click here to see more information about the service in other European countries.